An introduction to Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence

we are living in an era where everything is dependent on technology and
nowadays we are hearing so much about machine learning and artificial intelligence.

hopefully, this article will provide you a good introduction to machine learning.
I will not go on deep on this article and I will explain some major topics in
next few articles.

what is machine learning?

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence focused on building applications that learn from data and improve their accuracy over time without being programmed to do so.

where do they apply?

Today, examples of machine learning are all around us.

nowadays we can see machine learning algorithms in many sectors and people are getting. much benefited and some companies require it to reduce time and to improve their performance and in a short time machine learning and artificial intelligence will be on boom.

machine-learning can apply in many sectors but I am listing some below

social network

you can see big notch companies like (Facebook Instagram, youtube )
are good at showing you advertisement or a particular topic video or a post about the product you like ever taught how is the app is showing you the particular topic to you in a laymen language, they are predicting your next move creating a model that .
what you like ,to show you that topic more so you can engage more screen time on their app and by showing the ad that you might particularly be interested in that’s how they earn their revenue.

health sector

as I tell in the above example that machine learning can predict
so here’s another sector that we can apply machine learning models to predict
the early sign of a disease so how it works? it takes a huge dataset of patients
that are suffering and the ones that are not and they see what are the early sign of an infected person if the symptoms are similar to the infected then
unfortunately, you might develop these diseases.


so basically we are applying the machine learning models to stocks house prices and cryptocurrencies so they can tell that a market or house prices will go up or down by analyzing the previous dataset and this is helpful.

more sectors that apply machine learning
banking — predicting a fraudulent activity.
email — predicting whether a mail is a spam or not so they can save your time.
chatbots — nowadays more people are creating a chatbot for their business or startup because it is cheaper.

so how these machine learning model works?

first of all, as I told you that machine learning requires a dataset to work on
the more data it gets the more smart and accurate the models become
they make a connection between the dataset and analyze what will be the predicted future on the dataset.

sounds excited?

types of machine learning

supervised learning

Supervised learning involves learning a function that maps an input to an output based on example input-output pairs.

unsupervised learning

Unlike supervised learning, unsupervised learning is used to draw inferences and find patterns from input data without references to labeled outcomes.

reinforcement learning

Reinforcement learning is an area of Machine Learning. It is about taking suitable action to maximize reward in a particular situation.

what is the future of machine learning

based on the facts the machine learning and artificial intelligence are rising at an exponential rate some big companies like google are promoting students to learn machine learning .
almost 40 million jobs will be around in 2030 for machine learning and their expected market cap will almost be 600 billion dollars
yes, these are just facts .

and I think machine learning and artificial intelligence will
provide a major impact on technology.




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