How to learn machine learning in just 10 days

today in this article we would talk about how we can learn machine learning in just 10 days
well its sounds easy but we will have to make efforts to complete the goal

so I am assuming that you have some basic knowledge of python

Day 1

in the very first days, we would be knowing about some basic libraries in machine learning for example TensorFlow, pandas, and scikit learn

time — 3 hours

Day 2

we will be reading and manipulating data with the help of pandas as the data is the most important feature in machine learning and we will also gain some statistical knowledge to use the data in a more helpful way

time — 4 hours

Day 3

we will be knowing some basics models in machine learning
logistic regression
and we will also learn how to plot data

time — 4 hours

Day 4

we will be making our first machine learning model
we can choose either one of them or both
breast cancer
in this project, we will be predicting the early stage of breast cancer in women

titanic survivors
in this project, we will be predicting that if a person will survive or not if he was in the titanic

time — 2 hours

Day 5

On day 5 we will learn about data augmentation in which we can use our data in more ways and we can do some exciting things with data

time — 3 hours

Day 6

On day 6 we will be knowing about another very important model decision tree model

time — 4 hours

Day 7

we will learn about the random forest model

time — 3 hours

Day 8

we would be knowing about a deep learning model which is known as neural networks

time — 4 hours

Day 9

we will be knowing about how to train models to get a better outcome

time — 4 hours

Day 10

as we have passed the 9 days and we have learned most of the machine learning models so on day 10 we would be revising all of the work that we have done in the past 9 days

time — 4 hours


now in this article, I have guided you on how you can learn machine learning in just 10 days but again its depends on you that how to determine are you and if you have much more time then you can also spend more time




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Aviral Bhardwaj

Aviral Bhardwaj


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