Resources for python and machine learning

as we have been talking about machine learning and python in our previous article in this article we would know some nice resources to learn python and machine learning step by step to be an expert

so in this article, I would list some good youtube channels, youtube playlists , and some really good websites to practice and earn certificates




for competition, practice and much more

kaggle is a very good website to learn and practice machine learning and python and in addition, they provide you certificates for completing courses



for practice and completion certificates sololearn has also very good exercises along with quizzes and they also do provide you a certificate for complete a course



How I Screwed up a HackerRank Test With a Line of Code – Towards AI — The  Best of Tech, Science, and Engineering

for practice questions hacker rank has some very good interview type questions and these questions can sometimes be tricky to solve which is a good thing

YouTube content:


Complete python course

Corey schafer

Code with harry (in hindi)

both playlists are best just go for one if you have much free time you can go for both

Machine learning:

machine learning introduction

Full machine learning introduction and all concepts used (intro) — (skip if you want)

code basics(high)

covering all the topics in machine learning and deep learning

Start quest with josh starmer (high)

for conceptual learning of all machine learning models machine learning full course

Data Science

Basics for data science (intermediate) —

My personal Best course


as I have told you above that these websites provide certification for free if you complete a course with them

Python course — solo learn

Machine learning — solo learn and Kaggle

Real life projects (with source code):

now its time that you have practice a lot and now you want to set your hands into real-life projects to gain some experience


Machine learning and deep learning


Python documentation

For machine learning datasets


now if you complete all these resources you have now a good understanding in machine learning python and deep learning and now you can make projects and add some projects to your resume




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