What are Random forests ?

An introduction to machine learning algorithms

A random forest is also one of the most popular algorithms in the field of machine learning in this article I would be introducing you to random forest and how they work

Random forest is a flexible, easy-to-use machine learning algorithm that produces a great result most of the time. because of its simplicity and diversity.

random forest is a part of supervised machine learning algorithm which is based on decision tree algorithms .in simple a language, you can say random forest are a collection of decision tree

difference between random forest classifier and decision trees

sometimes when trees can go deep so it can lead to a problem called overfitting so here comes random forest to rescue it prevents decision trees to do that and it can be more accurate and precise

now let’s see a real-life example

suppose there is a data set x

so now in the given figure

as you can see the dataset first is divided into 4 parts and the 4 parts are further customized into decision trees now we have 4 decision trees and now the model will take all cases into the mind and check all of the above outcomes the model will calculate the average for the trees and give you an more accurate prediction so as you can see this model is accurate in some cases because it takes an average


in this article I have given you guys an introduction to what are random forests and how they work in the future article I would be publishing a project on these models




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