What is Data Science ?

many of you guys are confused about what is data science and what is the role of a data scientist so today in this article I would be covering your all doubts regarding data science so let’s start

first of all what is data science

we can define data science as the study of data and it is very important because our model totally depends on data and gathering data is not an easy task data science includes many skills like statistics and maths

language used in Data science

we use python and r in data science because it has all packages and libraries that makes our works easier

what are branches in Data Science

data science has many branches and to learn these branches we got some helpful libraries too

Data Visualization

Data visualization is the graphical representation of information and data. By using visual elements like charts, graphs, and maps. and we have matplotlib library in python so we can plot beautiful representations of our data

Data Analysis

data analysis is used to analyse our data cause real-life data is not easy to gather and sometimes we need to make our data more efficient to improve our model performance, accuracy and to gain some useful information from data. we use the pandas library for data analysis

Data manipulation

Data manipulation refers to the process of adjusting data to make it organized and easier to read. Data manipulation adjusts data by inserting, deleting, and modifying data in a database such as to cleanse or map the data. we use NumPy in this field.

Data Cleaning

in the real world, data gathering is very difficult and sometimes data can be messier so we need to clean the data first to improve our model precision and accuracy.

Data Mining

data mining is a process used by companies to turn raw data into useful information. By using software to look for patterns in large batches of data

who is a data scientist

A data scientist identifies important questions, collects relevant data from various sources, stores and organizes data, decipher useful information, and finally translates it into business solutions and communicates the findings to affect the business positively.

Applications of data science

reccomendation system
predicting outcome

What Does a Data Scientist Do?

a data scientist uses maths and statistics to make data more useful. Data Scientists present the data in a much more useful form as compared to the raw data available to them

What's next ?

well I have good news for you I would be bringing some more articles to explain data science with codes so leave a comment and tell me how excited are you about this




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